Meet the Coaches

CrossFit XBA

11040 Murray Road
Meadville, PA 16335
Contact: 814-853-6347

Douglas Bowen 
(Owner, Trainer, CF L1 Cert., Brand X Kids Training Cert.)
Douglas says coaching athletes, helping them with a challenging technique, or motivating them to push through a mental wall is what he loves. Watching an athlete succeed in something they thought they couldn’t is extremely rewarding for him, and it motivates him to be a better coach. He loves being in the gym and crushing his CrossFit soul with others.

Michelle Bowen 
(Owner, Trainer, CF L1 Cert., Brand X Kids Training Cert., Scaling Cert., Spot the Flaw Cert.)
Michelle's favorite part of coaching is "building relationships with people from all walks of life, supporting them, and pushing each other to get better—seeing these people get excited about overall health & fitness,"

Jonelle Taylor 
(Trainer, CF L1 Cert.)
Jonelle loves CrossFit. She found a program that was fun and produced unmatched results. What she most enjoys about coaching is being part of a community that brings together a diverse group of people supporting each other in all of their fitness endeavors.

Lisa Pelino-Tautin 
(Trainer, CF L1 Cert.)

Lisa is passionate about CrossFit. She loves that members trust the process as they consistently improve and make progress in the complexity of movements and exercises. She believes in the methodology and that working toward becoming a well-rounded athlete is the best path to fitness.

Chris Thoreson
(Trainer, CF L1 Cert.)
As a Meadville Firefighter, Chris understands the value of CrossFit in the life of a first responder. Functional fitness allows him to meet the rigorous demands he faces each day serving our community. 

Tarra Frantz
(Trainer, CF L1 Cert.)
Tarra loves the community that CrossFit XBA provides. Tarra has excelled as an athlete throughout her life. An interesting claim to fame, Tarra still holds the MASH record for the Javelin Throw. She enjoys pushing herself and others to achieve their fitness goals. 

Natalie Pelton
(Trainer, CF L1 Cert.)
Natalie is the newest trainer at CrossFit XBA, but she has been a part of the XBA family for years! 

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